The included service levels for the Ferry Plus hosted cloud are shown in the grid below. Please click here to contact us for more details and to arrange a demonstration of the Ferry Plus application.

SET UP BY FERRY PLUS ? We set up all the necessary data that you need to use the systems, you do not need to learn any part of this process, tell us what you want to achieve and we will create it for you. You are free to take bookings and get on with your business Adding users and permissions ? Includes creating users and their locations together with their initial passwords and their system access rights as defined by you.

Vessels, capacities, limits etc ? The complete setup of your vessels, their capacities, passenger and vehicle types where applicable, booking limits and overbooking limits etc.
Tickets, prices and rules ? The setup of prices and pricing rules providing control over the booking date, effective from date and effective to date. Prices can be either public rates available to all, or special rates assigned to a specific travel agent, account holder or a group such as a national club or island resident etc.
Cancellation and amendment rules ? Creation of the rules for amendments, cancellations and refunds based on hours or days before departure with charges being a flat rate or percentage per passenger or per booking.
Single sector routes and services ? Single sector routes are those involving two points only, for example: from A – B – A.
Multi sector routes and services ? Multi sector routes are those involving more than two points, for example, from A – B – C – D – C – B – A and variations thereof such as B – D, D – A or A back to A.
Promotions ? Includes promotions offered to all without restriction and those offered only when a specific promotion code is quoted by the passenger. In both cases, the details including bookable from dates, travel dates, return travel criteria, cancellation and amendments rules and the price are within your control.
On board extra sales ? This allows for on board extras such as vouchers for meals, maps, dog kennels and extra luggage etc. An on board extra cannot be sold without travel.
Added value sales ? Added value sales are those items not consumed on board. These include for example insurance, port car parking, bus trips etc. Added value items can be sold without travel.
Revenue and yield controls ? Revenue yield controls are only available with the Gold Service. They allow for maximisation higher earning ticket sales to be related to demand.
Data set up changes per year ? This is the number of changes that we will make to your data after the initial setup. Should you exceed the number applicable to your chosen Service, more changes can be purchased at any time. 40 75 150
RESERVATIONS ? We are very aware of the need for bookings to be completed quickly and accurately. The Ferry Plus application has been designed specifically to provide a fast and intuitive booking function operating within a browser window. As the booking progresses a view of the booking so far is displayed providing the user with running recap information to aid the booking process. Via phone from public and agents ? All Services allow bookings to be made by telephone to a call centre or any other designated office such as the point of departure.
Via the Web from public and agents ? When using the web, existing passengers are recognised as they login with their previously created password, similarly, travel agents use their account number and password to login. Agents can also receive commission on public fares and/or their own specific prices.
For passengers only ? Bookings for passengers only, i.e. vehicles excluded.
For passengers and vehicles ? Bookings for passengers with or without vehicles.
For freight ? A comprehensive freight booking and processing option is available with the Gold Service. Option
TICKETS ? All tickets and documentation can be emailed or printed depending on the rules setup. The usual application format for emailed documents is an e-ticket, where the document is also the ticket, in a PDF A4 attachment to the email with a bar code for check-in purposes. Alternatively, plain text emails can be sent confirming the booking details and can be used as a ticket by manually keying the booking reference in at check-in. Additionally, for travel agents, where attached PDF’s are in use, an Invoice is sent as a separate attachment detailing the booking made and any commission earned. Printed ? Printed tickets are produced on plain paper or paper with your logo.
Emailed ? Emailed tickets are in a PDF A4 attachment to the passengers email with a bar code for check-in purposes.
CHECK-IN ? Check-in starts by either scanning the code on the e-ticket or by manual entry of the passengers booking reference. Comprehensive searches are available to allow quick identification of the correct booking if the passenger does not have their booking reference or e-ticket with them. Multiple browser tabs can be open for each user. This means a user can have multiple accesses into the application running simultaneously giving great flexibility and saving valuable time as the required page is always immediately available. Passenger manifests ? Manifests are available in various formats and include passenger names, contact details, booking/ticket numbers and check-in status etc.
Passenger and vehicle manifests ? Vehicle manifests include all vehicle details in addition to passenger details.
Freight consignment notes ? Where the freight booking option has been added, freight consignment notes are also included. Option
New and reissued tickets ? Tickets can be reissued at any time and only the latest version will be accepted at check-in.
Boarding passes ? Boarding passes can be issued if required and can include a barcode or QR code.
PAYMENTS ? All Service levels provide full and comprehensive payment and refund functionality. We make it easy to take payment, control refunds and minimise fraud. Payment methods can include credit card, charge card, cash, cheques and vouchers. Cash & single currency reconciliation ? Cash reconciliation by user or working shift of users helps reduce fraud and is based on using a single currency.
Cash & multi-currency reconciliation ? Cash reconciliation by user or working shift of users helps reduce fraud and includes using multi currencies which are sub totalled on the cash reconciliation report.
Vouchers and cheques etc ? Allows acceptance of cheques as full or part payment and also vouchers designated by you as being acceptable for payment.
Refunds ? Where a booking is cancelled or amended, the cancellation and amendment rules previously set up for the ticket type recalculates the booking value and where applicable allows a refund.
SUPPORT ? We provide extensive support and help both within the application and direct from our support team. Support of course includes your complete data setup, leaving you free to concentrate on your business. Skype ? Real time online Skype support during our working day.
Context help within the application ? Context specific on-line help which appears as the cursor hovers over a field label. The pop up screen either closes automatically as the cursor is moved away or the user closes it by clicking the close button.
Access to Ferry Plus call log application ? On line access to our logging application allows you to create a request ticket for our action.