The Ferry Plus application is now available as a hosted cloud solution for fast ferry, Ro-Ro and freight to suit ferry operators of all sizes and profiles.

We offer a tied service to let you choose features to suit your needs and budget.

Our cloud service means that Ferry Plus set up all your data, you simply sit back and we will deliver the application so that you can start using it immediately.

Even better, when you want to add or change some of your data, we will do that for you too!

You'll also always be using the latest version of the Ferry Plus application as part of the service and of course, at no extra cost.

From the outset, the cloud service is based on fixed and known costs which means that your budgeting and cash flow forecasting is predicable and constant.

As Standard, all service levels include

  • Private cloud servers
  • Microsoft Windows Server and Microsoft SQL database
  • Server firewalls and F Secure End Point Protection Anti-Virus
  • Servers located in a Tier 4 data Centre with all applicable security
  • Real-time data replication backups
  • SQL Database monitoring and tuning
  • An SSL Certificate
  • Your chosen Ferry Plus application service level
  • Ability to upgrade to the next service level at any time
  • The latest version of the Ferry Plus application delivered seamlessly
  • Set up of all your data – vessels, routes dates, services, tickets, prices etc.
  • Changes to data up to the limits included in each service level
  • Support as designated for each service level