Our state of the art Fast Ferry application increases revenue and profit

Flexible booking

  • Booking by web, phone, booking hall, self service - our solution covers all
  • Self service touch screen kiosks for fast unattended sales
  • Stand alone or fully integrated kiosk sales
  • Locate terminals where you want - shopping malls, tourist offices
  • User interface completely branded to operator’s corporate identity

  • The Ferry Plus touch screen, self service kiosk provides passengers with a convenient easy to use ticketing facility which is especially useful in crowded and busy departure terminals.
  • Kiosks can also be located in tourist offices and shopping malls etc. Of course our application also allows for telephone bookings and person to person, allowing agents to offer customers the widest options, and of course opportunities for upselling if desired.
  • Web booking allows users to book direct, and existing company branded sites can be linked to our application if needed.

Grow customers - Grow revenue

  • Quick, easy and instantly available promotions - target new customers
  • Retain existing customers with vouchers and loyalty schemes
  • Fast booking and ticketing process to facilitate short turnaround - better for customers, more sailings for you
  • Season Tickets and multi-use tickets
  • Highly flexible pricing - off-peak, peak, day, weekend - options to maximise revenue
  • Yield management to optimise fares per sailing - improve profit

  • The Ferry Plus application provides a fast minimal key stroke sales/booking and ticketing process, giving short turnaround of fast craft passenger services.
  • Sales can be parameterised to collect passenger and vehicle information meeting local legislation requirements and producing appropriate passenger manifests.  
  • The fast ferries application allows the sales of unlimited use season tickets of various durations as well as multi-use tickets where a set number of journeys are purchased in advance.

Effortless Management

  • Passenger and vehicle information collected for manifests automatically
  • Fast set up of vessels and departure schedules - easy to create, easy to change
  • Copy facility to quickly create a complete schedule from a single sailing
  • Payment Interfaces for secure card payment, paypal and accounting systems
  • Manage in-house, with an IT partner, or with our cloud solution

  • We will work with you throughout initial implementation and with our experience can guide you to a right first time installation, and with our intuitive application, you will be able to quickly set up both vessels and your sailing schedules.
  • ​You can host in-house, or use your existing IT partner, or use our cloud based service, where all the hassle of managing is taken away.
  • Backed by our support service, we can ensure trouble free operation and keep your application fully up to date. 
  • As your business changes, so our application can quickly be reconfigured to add sailings or amend schedules.