Our freight application is written from the ground up, giving you total freight management

All types of freight

  • Whether it's trucks, vans, trailers, or containers, our solution will let you manage your freight operation
  • Our application allows for booking and reporting facilities for refrigerated vehicles, zone temperature monitoring and onboard stowage requirements
  • We can allocate vehicles where there is power if they need it
  • We have options to include dangerous goods validated and record locations within both the vehicle and vessel​

  • Handling freight effectively requires knowledge of load weight, dimensions, and type.  Our application makes all this easy, creating an application that makes it simple to manage the numerous complex demands on a busy freight service.
  • As you would expect we can handle refrigerated goods, from location and on board power to temperature monitoring.  Dangerous goods can also be logged, with both location within vessel and if neded within vehicle easy achieved.
  • And we don't just cater for vehicles of all types.  Drop trailers and containers can also be catered for, allowing you to maximise use of vessels from a single application.

Comphrehensive booking management

  • Multiple vehicles or containers can be made on the same booking, easing administration for both ferry and freight operators
  • Fuel or Bunker surcharges can be automatically applied during booking
  • Fully flexible pricing by vehicle weight, dimensions or cubic volume
  • Cargo pricing by unit or cubic volume
  • The Ferry-plus application can calculate wharf charges based on your requirements
  • Weigh bridge link to check and adjust booking charges automatically

  • Our application lets you take complete control of your freight. For instance  two identical vehicles can be charged differently by cubic volume, by weight or by their dimensions. Prices can also be based on the vehicle weight regardless of the dimensions.  
  • ​The Ferry-Plus application is highly flexible, allowing for changes by port, based on vehicle length, vehicle count or passenger numbers.
  • Vehicles can also be flagged as exempt from wharf charges either by type, for company vehicles/tractors etc, or per booking.  We can also link to a weigh bridge - allowing automatic recalculation and billing of price - say if a 4 tonne lorry booked actually weighs 5 tonnes. 
  • We have also implemented an application which checks vehicle size using lasers, and where vehicles differ from that booked automatically recalculate the booking.

Built the way you want

  • ​Integrated into your leisure/pasenger operation, or handled seperately - the choice is yours
  • Fully featured options let you choose the right configuration for your business
  • Host in-house, with your existing IT partner, or use our cloud based service

  • Whether integrated as part of your passenger/leisure business, or run as a separate entity, our freight reservations application lets you manage freight in the way you want.
  • With our intuitive application, you will be able to quickly set up both vessels and your sailing schedules. We will work with you throughout initial implementation and with our experience can guide you to a right first time installation.
  • Backed by our support service, we can ensure trouble free operation and keep your application fully up to date.
  • As your business changes, so our application can quickly be reconfigured to add sailings or amend schedules.