With any ferry reservation system online help for users is vital. While it’s the case that systems usually have some kind of online help, ferry+ includes a new generation of online help.

help+, because we could all use more help

We call it help+ and this new ground-breaking online help is designed to allow both internal and web users to benefit from context sensitive online help.ferry+ is delivered with a fully populated help+ system. help+ can be solely text or text plus any or a combination of the following:
  • Links to your public web pages or to internal intranets.
  • Links to third party websites.
  • Links to pdfs, Excel spreadsheets, Word documents and Power Point presentations.
  • Display of graphics within the help+ window or links to external graphics.
help+ windows can be displayed temporarily on hover over, or displayed until closed by the user and content can be fully edited and customised as required by authorised users.