Improved reporting functionality

Improved reporting functionality – reporting within ferry+ is delivered via Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services.

There are many advantages to using Reporting Services including:

It is integrated with the ferry+ Microsoft SQL Server – there is no requirement for expensive third party products or licence fees.

It allows ferry+ to deliver reports via a browser to users throughout an organisation. Additionally, users can choose to view reports either within a browser, as PDF’s, within Excel etc – tailoring the output to suit their needs.

Removes the mystery of how to get data out of a database

Reports can be ‘pushed’ to users on a subscription basis  – delivered to their inbox via email according to a schedule that they choose.

The ability for users to view report data graphically by using gauges and charts etc makes the presentation of complex data easier to understand and assimilate. This, added to the inbuilt ad-hoc report generator that allows creation of reports via a drag and drop designer, removes the mystery of how to get data out of a database.

By presenting reports in a browser (with the option to subsequently save locally as a PDF) requirements to print are reduced thus saving money and time. By subscribing to email presentation of daily reports (such as deferred revenue) users are presented with either a copy of the report or a link to it in their in-box each morning – this gives key staff timely access to business critical information.

Security controls allow access to reports to be limited by user group, both within ferry+ and also Reporting Services.