To cater for a commercial freight business Ferry Plus provides a freight focused application, available as a cloud service. Where freight traffic is part of passenger/leisure business, freight traffic can either be managed and booked as part of a whole or may be segregated into a separate ‘market’ within the business.

The Ferry Plus freight application handles freight traffic as freight rather than as large cars. For example, at Ferry Plus we know that it’s crucial when booking and for subsequent reporting to port staff and on board crew, that refrigerated vehicles needing onboard power and/or zone temperature monitoring are clearly identified. Also at the reservation stage the application can capture onboard stowage requirements plus the patch position where containers are located on the quayside.

When reservations are made the application can also capture full dangerous goods information validated against a current list of UN valid dangerous goods codes. Again, this information is made available to port staff and onboard crew.

Multiple vehicles can be booked on the same sailing allowing multiple containers of the same or different dimensions and the same or varying cargos to be shipped and invoiced on one booking reference.

Ferry Plus freight pricing is flexible and designed to reflect that freight vehicles and their cargos are not necessarily uniform. For example, two identical vehicles can be charged differently by cubic volume, by weight or by their dimensions. Prices can also be based on the vehicle weight regardless of the dimensions.

Where the cargo is to be priced rather than the vehicle type, prices can be based on cargo cubic volume or by per unit. For example, timber can be charged per cubic metre rather than based on the length of the vehicle carrying it, while a truck carrying beer kegs can be charged at a unit price for each keg.

The application also calculates and reports any wharf charges which can vary by port, based on vehicle length, vehicle count or passenger numbers etc. Vehicles can also be flagged as exempt from wharf charges either by type, for company vehicles/tractors etc, or per booking.

Fuel or bunker surcharges can automatically be applied during booking. Additionally, the application can recalculate all surcharges for bookings not yet departed based on a revised surcharge rate.

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