The Ferry Plus Ro-Ro application, available as a cloud service, has been developed to provide full functionality to manage and operate a Ro-Ro ferry business. It caters for all vehicle types, cars, motorbikes, campers/caravans, coaches, commercial vans and lorries as well as freight (drop trailers and containers). Freight traffic may be part of the RoRo set up or may be managed quite separately if preferred. To see more about Ferry Plus for Freight Operators – click here.

Bookings can be made via the web, call centre, or at the port. Pricing is extremely flexible providing fares at passenger/party and vehicle type level and combinations of. Prices may be varied by bookings source (e.g. different fares can be offered to web bookers, account holders etc.), tariffs can be applied to maximise revenue on peak sailings and promote less popular sailings. Promotions are easily and quickly set up and applied, promotions can be made available to web bookers instantly. Fares for account customers and special groups are provided for.

The application has 3 main fare categories; higher priced, fully flexible, mid priced with some restrictions and the least expensive with inflexible prices – during the booking process the cheapest fare in each of these categories is offered to the passenger for each sailing if sufficient physical and yield space is available. Access to further fares is via a drill down process where the passenger has a specific ticket requirement that is not the cheapest in its category.

Set up of Ro-Ro vessels and sailing schedules is fast and intuitive with series creation and ‘save as’ functionality to allow additions and changes to be implemented with minimal work, as well as the ability to copy a single sailing to populate a complete schedule.

The application provides operational reporting via manifests and load lists, the reconfigure facility eases the management of ship configuration changes, vessel changes and vessels going out of service by handling the movement of bookings to the new configuration/vessel to minimise the impact of change.

Ferry Plus also caters for ticketless travel or can provide tickets where required and has a self service touch screen a Kiosk ticketing facility for fast unattended sales either at the port or in other areas such as tourist centres etc.

Additionally, the application also provides interfaces for secure card payment and paypal as well as accounting systems which provide an api interface.

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