When we decided to add self service touchscreen kiosk functionality to ferry+ we took the decision not to develop everything in house. There were a number of reasons behind this decision, the major one being that we wanted to bring our kiosk product on stream quickly.

The decision having been made, we then moved on to finding a partner with demonstrable ability, knowledge and an existing kiosk user community.

These strengths also had to be complemented with a ‘can do’ attitude combined with a working relationship that was built on mutual trust which would enable both partners to jointly develop new touchscreen self service functionality which, while based on our chosen partner’s existing technology, would seamlessly fit the ferry+ product.

It was clear that touchscreen kiosks and self service was an area in which Phosphor excelled

Our search for a partner with these qualities quite literally covered the globe. Some months into our search, we found Phosphor Essence in Auckland, New Zealand. We immediately hit it off. We found them pragmatic, approachable, dependable and they certainly had that elusive ‘can do’ attitude! Of course, they also had a great track record in touchscreen self service technology.

With over 18 years’ experience in New Zealand and Australia, it was clear that touchscreen kiosks and self service was an area in which Phosphor excelled,  they’d developed kiosks for a huge range of products and prototypes, from giant golf balls selling green fees to ticketing kiosks, loyalty and bill payment kiosks. Their kiosk hardware solution also had options for cash payment, barcode and card scanning, and a wide variety of printers and mounting options.

Our partnership with Phosphor gave us access to over 18 years expericence

It didn’t take long for Phosphor and Ferry Plus to set up a far reaching commercial working arrangement and soon after, thanks to our joint efforts, the ferry+ self service touchscreen kiosk product was launched.

Phosphor are currently working on projects which integrate Kiosk, Web, and Mobile interaction to provide a personalised customer experience. To learn more about Phosphor and their range of products and services, vist their website by clicking on the Phosphor logo.