Our Ro-Ro ferry reservation application puts you in complete control.  

Fully Featured

  • The Ferry Plus fully integrated RoRo application covers all vehicle types – cars, motorbikes, commercial vehicles, coaches, caravans - we have it covered
  • We can include separate or integrated freight options including drop trailers, containers and dangerous or refrigerated cargo
  • Our Cloud based service has 3 levels to suit your requirements and budget, or host in-house or with your existing IT Partner

  • Large or small, our reservation application gives you complete control of your ro-ro ferry operations.
  • Our 20 years of experience means that our software is built to be both scalable and flexible, with options to make the application work for you. 
  • We cater for all types of vehicles, from motorbikes to the largest and most complex lorries.  Loading areas can be fully specified by type, and as as you would expect from a quality solution, our application can deal with all aspects of both refrigerated transport and dangerous cargo, from location if power is needed, temperature monitoring, validating dangerous goods, and recording locations both within the vessel, and within the vehicle if needed.

Highly Flexible

  • Bookings can be made via web, call centre or at port
  • Our highly flexible pricing modules give you all the options you need
  • Allow different fare options for agents, account holders, or web bookings to incentivise bookings
  • Maximise returns through yield management to optimise fares per sailing
  • Quick, easy and instantly available promotions to boost sales
  • Vouchers and loyalty schemes to reward customers and gain repeat business
  • Interfaces for secure card payment, paypal and accounting systems

  • The Ferry-Plus application lets you work in the way that you and your customers want - whether in person, on the phone , self-service or via the web, we have solutions that make booking a breeze. 
  • And with flexible channel pricing, promotional and loyalty schemes, we can make sure that you maximise revenue and drive profit.

Fast Implementation and change

  • Fast and intuitive set up of vessels and schedules
  • Copy facility to quickly create a complete schedule from a single sailing
  • Operational reporting including manifests and load lists
  • Reconfigure option to change vessel type or configuration

  • With our intuitive application, you will be able to quickly set up both vessels and your sailing schedules. 
  • We will work with you throughout initial implementation and with our experience can guide you to a right first time installation.
  •  Backed by our support service, we can ensure trouble free operation and keep your application fully up to date. 
  • As your business changes, so our application can quickly be reconfigured to add sailings or amend schedules.