Keith Adams

Chairman 董事长

Keith has been in the travel business for many years and has been deeply involved in reservations technology since the 1980’s.

Margaret McDonald

Managing Director 总裁

Margaret has been leading reservations developments and implementations for ferry and tour operators since 1986……

Luke Burstow

Development Director 件部主任

Luke has over 20 years experience of ferry reservations technology and has exceptionaly wide ranging knowledge of the travel industry……

Colin Hewitt

Account Manager 客户经理

Colin has over 30 years travel experience specialising in the ferry market, implementing and training users around the world……

Malcolm Allen

Account Manager 客户经理

Malcolm has over 30 years continuous development, management and consulting experience in variety of companies……

Bryan Kidd

Designer 网页设计师

Bryan is an outstanding user interface and website designer who creates compelling user experiences……